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From a response on local online chat group:

"My husband and I went to her for massages this week.  She was wonderful! We can't thank you enough for letting us know about her.  We had been looking for a good massage therapist around here and had no had much luck until now.  We will be seeing her again soon!" ~L.

From Yelp:

Nancy's myofascial therapy has had a tremendous impact on my recovery from a bicycle accident and TBI. I have had many great massages in my life but Nancy's work is not your typical massage--her work focuses on soft tissue release which relieves pain, referred pain, and also related problems where a person may not know the origin or that the problem could be myofacial related (for example dizziness,TMJ issues, headache sources, numbness, etc).  Nancy also uses interactive charts to help you understand what she is doing and why it works. And, how you can use the techniques on yourself at home. Nancy is the real thing, I highly recommend her. ~CJ S

Testimonials and Reviews

"Nancy is an OUTSTANDING massage therapist, and very knowledgeable nutritionist!" ~B. T..

From Yelp:

(excerpted) If you are looking for a good place in the Santa Clarita/Newhall area, check out Nancy McPeters, LMT! They will straighten you out and loosen you up real good! 

I have known Nancy for the better part of 7 years now! She is amazing! ~C.W.

From Yelp:

Nancy is simply the best! Have never had massages like hers, didn't even know it was possible to feel so great and such relief after a massage. Highly recommend Nancy as she is extremely knowledge when it comes to the body's structure and function, and is ultimately able to really target those hard to reach areas which need the most relief. On top of that Nancy is very sweet and friendly! ~Josh G.

From facebook page:

"After a visit to Nancy and her magic hands, I feel a thousand years younger! And I can stand up straight!" ~Tcoh Elca

From Yelp:

​I have constant neck and shoulder pain with ear ringing and after 1 visit I am amazed! My ear ringing is gone and feel like I can do a few cartwheels again! Nancy is stellar with electricity running through her hands! It's not a typical massage and based of real science of Myofascial release. I will never go anywhere else!  thank you so much! ~TM

From Facebook:

​I suffer, literally, from stage 4 endometriosis. It is a constant uphill battle with extreme pain EVERY month. I have done 3 treatments of myfascial therapy with Nancy, and this is the FIRST month I have not needed pain medication to be able to cope. My pain has literally been cut in half with just 3 treatments. I want to cry when I think about how much this relief has affected me in such an amazing positive way. My ONLY regret is not coming to her sooner. ~JN