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     Relaxing, gentle, pulsating pressure helps drain toxins and stimulates the immune system.  Lymphatic Massage encourages the Lymphatic system to eliminate metabolic waste products, excess fluid and bacteria.  As part of the body's defense system the Lymph nodes remove microorganisms and other foreign substances; acting as a filtration system that keeps particulate matter, like bacteria, from entering the blood stream.  Stimulating the Lymphatic system activates these functions plus encourages fluid stimulation and cell regeneration.  Both of these actions promote detoxification, facilitate healing and supports the immune system.  

     The benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage are numerous and include clearing areas of congestion such as swollen ankles or puffy eyes; promotes healing of scar tissue, torn ligaments and sprains; pre and post-operative healing; swelling relief following plastic surgery; treatment of lymphedema and other conditions arising from venous insufficiency; improves chronic conditions such as sinusitis, arthritis, acne; and provides deep relaxation.

     At Natural Nurturing we combine traditional Chinese jade rollers with modern European Lymphatic Drainage techniques to create a healthy immune system.  We recommend having a Lymphatic Drainage Massage every quarter to keep your immune system finely tuned.

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     Myofascial Release is an advanced manual therapy that uses no lotions, creams, or oils, which allows me to connect deeply with your connective tissue (fascia) using sustained traction and/or compression allowing for an opportunity for long term healing.
     As your body experiences trauma, repetitive stress injury, poor posture, scar tissue, inflammatory reactions and life stresses, restrictions in one area of the body can affect the whole body.  These restrictions create pain and stiffness making it difficult for you to move and prohibiting you from doing those things you love to do.